Jun 15

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‘One Year Older, Ten Yards Shorter’

If the phrase “one year older, ten yards shorter” was actually true, Algona’s Vera Erpelding would have quit the game of golf long ago. Instead, the 94-year-old hits the links at least three times a week at the Hillside Golf Club in Wesley. She also teaches kids’ golf lessons. Listen to her explain what fuels her passion and energy below:


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  1. Pat Grant

    Congratulations to a neat 94 year old golfer. Vera has always been one of the most popular and positive person
    I’ve ever known.

  2. James Muckey

    One of my piers in golf, thanks Vera for all the great memories on Hillside.
    We were there every Monday for jr. golf. 1970’s. Great competitors in my era. God Bless

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