Aug 10

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Iowans Can Vote on New License Plates

–Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds along with Lt. Governor Adam Gregg and Iowa Department of Transportation Director Mark Lowe unveiled three potential designs for Iowa’s new license plates this morning in Des Moines.

The designs were created by Iowa DOT Graphic Artists with input from the governors’ office and several state agencies. The new plate will replace the county standard issue plate which currently carries a blue and white city and country design. Right now, there will be no change to collegiate plates or other specialty plates that do not include this design. The city and country plate design has been in place since 1998 and accounts for about 4.2 million of the 4.4 million plates in circulation.

Once a design is chosen, the new plate will be available sometime in 2018. Plates with the new design will be issued to vehicle owners whenever they add or change vehicles and obtain new county standard plates and whenever they replace lost or stolen county standard plates.  In addition, Iowans that currently have county standard plates will receive replacement plates with the new design when their current plate reaches the end of its 10-year replacement cycle.

Iowans can cast a vote for their favorite design at the DOT’s booth (number 762-764) in the Varied Industries Building on the Iowa State Fairgrounds or online at iowadot.gov/StateFair/PickAPlate.aspx. Voting will be open Aug. 10-20.


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