Area Residents Reminded How to Handle Household Waste

by Brian Wilson
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–As area residents continue with their spring cleaning, the Kossuth County Waste Management Association wants to remind residents about properly disposing of the things you may have lying around the shed or garage. County Engineer Doug Miller tells KLGA News many people don’t think about where their trash is going when they set it on the curb.

Miller says some of the items you want to throw out may be recyclable, and anyone who lives within the city limits of a town in Kossuth County has access to recycling services.


For things that can’t be recycled or just thrown in the garbage, you will need to bring that to the transfer station.


Miller says bins are set up in Algona for rural residents to bring their recycling materials, but they have noticed some problems there.


For more information about what can and can’t be recycled, click on the Departments tab at and find the Transfer Station from the drop down menu.

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