Kossuth Speedway Will No Longer Use Fill-In Announcer after Viral Video

by Brian Wilson
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–The Kossuth County Speedway has announced they will no longer use a substitute track announcer after a video containing racially insensitive comments made at the track last week went viral.

In the video clip streamed by FloRacing, the announcer, now identified as Lon Oelke, can be heard telling the crowd to stand for the national anthem before making comments about NFL players kneeling in protest. He then tells those listening to “Get the hell out of dodge” if they don’t want to stand for the National Anthem, and goes on to say that persons of a “darker toned skin color” want the NFL to play a different national anthem before games, something he does not agree with.

Officials at the Fairmont Raceway in Fairmont, Minnesota confirmed that the voice on the broadcast is that of Oelke, who serves as the PA Announcer for their facility.

In a statement released Thursday afternoon, officials with Kossuth County Speedway stated that they do not condone the comments made by Oelke last week and will “not tolerate discrimination at our racing events and welcome fans of all color, gender, religion and creed to join our racing family.”

Officials say Oelke will no longer be considered for employment as a fill in announcer, and they look forward to proving to everyone they can and will do better.


A statement released Thursday afternoon by FloRacing, the platform where the event was broadcast online, states that the comments made last week at the Kossuth County Speedway “do not reflect our core values or have a place on our platform”. The statement also says the broadcast has been removed from their archive.

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