Law Enforcement Looking for Burglary Suspects

by Brian Wilson
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–Local Law Enforcement Officials are asking for the public’s help identifying suspects who allegedly stole a purse from the campgrounds at Smith Lake, tried to withdraw money using a bank card inside the purse and apparently burglarized the residence of the purse owner Tuesday. Both the Algona Police Department and Kossuth County Sherriff’s Office shared information of the incident on social media this (Tuesday) afternoon.

The first incident allegedly occurred early this morning as a car was broken into at the Smith Lake Campground and a purse was stolen from the front seat. Campers at Smith Lake told law enforcement they saw what appeared to be a black, Pontiac Sunfire with no front license plate leaving the scene. The car was being driven by a female with blond hair and sunglasses. A male passenger wearing a white v-neck shirt with tattoos on his right arm was also spotted in the vehicle.

A short time later, a male was caught on security camera trying to withdraw money using the victim’s bank cards at Security State Bank in Algona.

A second call came in from the same victim, saying their home had been broken in to, and a large box of jewelry was missing.

You can check out the security camera photos below and on the Facebook pages of the Algona Police Department and the Kossuth County Sheriff’s Office. Anyone with information can contact the Sheriff’s Office at 515-295-3514.


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