Drought Conditions Not Likely to Improve Anytime Soon

by Brian Wilson
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The Iowa Drought Monitor now rates the entire state as either abnormally dry or in some level of drought. At this time last year, three-fourths of the state was abnormally dry. Dennis Todey (TOH-dee) — director of the Midwest Climate Hub in Ames — says  relief isn’t likely any time soon.  

Extreme drought conditions are expanding in northwest Iowa, with a sliver of Woodbury County rated in exceptional drought – the most severe classification.  More than half of the state is classified under moderate drought. Todey says that these conditions come with fire risks. 

Kossuth County has drought conditions ranging from D0 (Abnormally Dry) in the far northeast corner of the county, all the way to D3 (Extreme Drought) in the far southwest corner. 

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