City Receives Another Gift for Central Park Project

by Brian Wilson
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–The City of Algona has received another large contribution to assist with the redevelopment of Central Park. The city announced on Tuesday that the Haggard-Twogood Charitable Trust has pledged $100,000 to the effort. 

Haggard-Twogood spokesman Scott Buchanan stated “The trustees were pleased that the city made development of this amenity a high priority project.” Buchanan also noted “Our Board of Trustees understands the value of creating well-designed, outdoor spaces where our citizens can recreate, entertain or just relax. This is vital to attracting new families and satisfying the needs of those already here.” 

The overall cost of the Central Park redevelopment project is estimated to be $1.7 million, which includes construction of a splash pad, improvements to the shelter house, a perimeter walking loop around the park and sidewalks within the park, landscaping, seating, and the skatepark construction. 

Final design plans for the project will be confirmed over the next few weeks, with the city to likely open bids this spring. If all goes accordingly, construction could begin this summer. 

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