Supervisors Say No to State Pilot Program Again

by Brian Wilson
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–The Kossuth County Board of Supervisors voted to not pursue a pilot program through the state that aims to cut response times to EMS calls in rural areas for a second time during their meeting on Tuesday. Lt. Governor Adam Gregg came to Kossuth County in early February to discuss the pilot program that would provide volunteers with basic life support training so they could assist with emergency calls while EMS personnel are in route. Supervisor Kyle Stecker volunteered to fill out the preapplication for the program, which was due March 1st


Stecker says the program could have some long-term benefits for the county. 

The board voted not to pursue the program during their meeting on February 14th, as EMS Administrator Phil Albers voiced concerns at the time about the feasibility of the program locally. Albers told the board on Tuesday that state officials are looking for counties where leadership is fully on board. 


The board voted 3-2 against Stecker’s motion to fill out the preapplication and direct the EMS Advisory Board to research the program more fully before the final application is due May 1st. The pilot program will provide state grants of $50,000 to a pair of cities or counties, to train and equip volunteers that would be notified of emergency calls near them through a smartphone app. 

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