Get Your Car Checked Before Heading on Your Summer Trips

by Brian Wilson
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The warm weather is here, the kids are out of school, and Iowans are making plans for extended family vacations. Before backing the packed S-U-V out of the garage though, Triple-A’s Nick Chabarria suggests you have a professional look over a few key things.

Car batteries, for example, won’t usually last longer than five years. Chabarria says something important that Iowans can easily check themselves is the inflation rate on their tires.

The number of cars broken down along the roadside rises this time of year, Chabarria says, in large part because of a problem with the battery, the engine or the tires.

You’ll also need plenty of gasoline. Triple-A says the average in Iowa is now three-37 a gallon, that’s down two-pennies in the past week. The national average is 20 cents higher at three-57. 

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