Naig Presents Award to Swea City Area Farm Family

by Brian Wilson
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–Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig made a stop in Kossuth County on Monday, presenting an award to a farm family in the Swea City area. Naig spoke with KLGA News following the event, where he presented a Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award.

Naig says they hand out a handful of these awards each year to Iowa farm families that go above and beyond.

If you know a farm family that deserves this type of recognition, you can nominate them for a Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award.

Naig said one of the perks of the trip is to be able to see how crops are doing across the state.

Preston Farms is a diversified family farm that was started by Earl and Gladys Preston back in 1926.  Earl and Gladys’s son Virgil and his wife Marjorie Preston began farming in 1948.  While Marjorie is still part of the farm today, it is now primarily operated by their son Paul and his wife Jane Preston, who joined in 1975. Their sons and daughters-in-law, Jared and Sara and Chad and Corrin, joined the farm in 2011. The children of Jared and Sara (Nora, Maggie and Croix) and Chad and Corrin (Kash and Landry) are now the fourth generation on the farm today. Paul’s brother Mark Preston and Mark’s son Mitch Preston also help seasonally. Paul and Jane are also the parents of a daughter Erin, who is married to Tony Brown, and they have two sons, Jacob and Carter.

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