DNR Confirms Gray Wolf Found Dead Along I-80

by Brian Wilson
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The Iowa D-N-R says a dead animal found by a conservation officer on the I-80 median along the interchange with I-280 near Davenport is a gray wolf. State furbearer biologist, Vince Evelsizer, says they saw pictures of it and had it sent to the state veterinarian who confirmed their suspicions.

The wolf was found one week ago. Evelsizer says it likely wandered in from another state.

Evelsizer says it appears the wolf was hit and killed on the highway.

He says coyotes are the resident top dog for predators in the Midwest, but wolves are much larger.

Evelsizer says it’s important for hunters to understand the difference as gray wolves are protected here.

Evelsizer says in the past five years or so we’ve had anywhere from one to five confirmed gray wolves in our state.

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