Iowa Donor Network Celebrating Donate Life Month

by Brian Wilson
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This is Donate Life Month, when Iowans are encouraged to sign up on their driver’s licenses to donate organs, eyes and tissue. Heather Butterfield, spokeswoman for the Iowa Donor Network, says it’s a time to highlight the critical need for donors, to shine a light on those who are on waiting lists, to honor those who’ve donated in the past, and to celebrate those who’ve received organs through transplants.

Nearly 64-percent of Iowa adults are already registered donors, and she encourages the rest to sign up.

The transplant wait list is long. She says there are more than 100-thousand people nationwide in need of a life-saving organ transplant, including more than 600 Iowans. The Iowa Donor Network is marking a milestone this year with its 30th anniversary.

National Donate Life Month also acknowledges the selfless act of donor families, who, in moments of grief, choose to give the gift of life to others.

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