School Board Approves Budget, Teacher Pay Hikes

by Brian Wilson
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–The Algona School Board approved the district’s budget for the 2024-2025 school year and an agreement with the district’s teachers during their meeting on Monday. The district’s expenditures will be higher this year with the new fieldhouse under construction, but the tax levy will be down slightly from last year, as that project is being funded through sales tax dollars. Superintendent Joe Carter says the agreement with the teacher’s union includes raises that have now been mandated by the state.

Governor Reynolds recently signed legislation that will set the starting pay for new teachers in Iowa at $47,500 for next year and $50,000 the following year. The same legislation will also set the minimum salary for teachers with at least 12 years’ experience at $60,000 next year, with an increase to $62,000 in the following year. Carter says the district will adjust salaries accordingly and give each teacher a little extra.

Carter talked about why they will give an extra $2,500 to each teacher.

Carter says the state is increasing per pupil funding to each district to cover the costs of raising teacher salaries.

While the new minimum salary will come into play for new teachers, Carter told the board the majority of teachers with at-least 12 years of experience in the district were already above the $60,000 mark set by the new legislation.

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