Kossuth/Palo Alto Economic Development Corporation Talks With County Supervisors

by Brian Wilson
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The Kossuth County Board of Supervisors heard comments from members of the Kossuth and Palo Alto County Economic Development Corporation after last week’s meeting where it was decided there would be cuts to that department. KPACEDC President Sean Noonan brought up his concerns to the board about what the cuts could do to the group especially in regard to hiring a new Development Director.

The current Development Director Maureen Elbert spoke to the board mentioning other people are seeing the potential threat that cutting their budget could have to their operations.

Supervisor Chairman Kyle Stecker responded to the concerns that were brought up, saying he along with the board had their own worries when the initial cuts were discussed.

The board of supervisors will have the chance to make changes to their budget cuts, they will discuss this and more during a public hearing next week.  

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