Officers from Emmet County Charged

by Brian Wilson
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–A Police Officer that has worked in both Armstrong and Estherville is now facing over 80 different charges after being taken into custody earlier this month.  

Court records show that Ben Scheevel was charged with 84 felony and misdemeanor counts on April 7th, and was due to be arraigned in Emmet County Court today. The charges were discovered as part of an investigation into public officials in Armstrong, including the former Mayor and Police Chief. 

The charges against Scheevel include multiple counts of ongoing criminal conduct, stalking involving a dangerous weapon, non-felonious misconduct, unauthorized dissemination of criminal history, obstructing the prosecution or defense, 2nd degree theft and tax evasion. 

At least one charge of assault with a dangerous weapon and non-felonious conduct while in office are from his time on the Armstrong Police Department, dating back to 2016. Court records accuse Scheevel of deploying a taser at a party in April of 2016, and then obtaining money from party goers to replace the darts in the taser.  

They also indicate that Scheevel used his position in law enforcement to illegally disseminate intelligence history and criminal history data for over a dozen people, including a pair of women he is accused of stalking. 

Officials with the Estherville Police Department say that Scheevel worked for the department from 2016-2019. 

Another officer from the Estherville PD, Tyler VanRoekel, has been charged with nearly a dozen offenses from the same time period. The majority of those charges are for misconduct in office and unauthorized dissemination of intelligence history data. VanRoekel, who is still employed by Estherville PD, has been placed on administrative leave.  

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