Law Enforcement and GTSB Teaming Up to Stop Impaired Drivers

by Brian Wilson
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–Local law enforcement agencies are partnering with the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau to remind residents about the dangers of impaired driving at any time, but especially on April 20th. The number 420 has become code for smoking marijuana, and pot enthusiasts have adopted April 20th (4-20) as a day to celebrate its use.

While many assume impaired driving refers to alcohol, data from fatal crashes in Iowa between 2020 and 2022 shows 36% involved drug use. Marijuana use has been shown to slow reaction times, impair cognitive performance and makes it more difficult for drivers to stay in their lane.

Recreational marijuana use is still illegal in Iowa, but law enforcement officials remind those who will smoke up on Thursday, or any day, to not get behind the wheel afterwards.

The GTSB’s Drug Recognition Expert Program is also working with Police and Sheriff’s Departments around the state to detect drug-impaired drivers. For more information about the dangers of impaired driving, you can go online to

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