Kossuth County Man Testifies at Summit Hearing

by Brian Wilson
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–A Kossuth County man testified before the Iowa Utilities Board on Tuesday, as the hearing on Summit Carbon Solutions’ pipeline construction permit enters its fifth week. David Skilling owns land south of Algona, and he testified about concerns that he says have not been addressed during negotiations with Summit’s Land Acquisition agents.

Skilling was asked if he could make an intelligent decision with regards to signing an easement without answers to his questions.

Besides safety concerns, Skilling says he hasn’t received answers to some of his other questions.

Skilling was asked if anyone from Summit has pressured him to sign an easement by using the threat of Eminent Domain.

Skilling testified that once he raised those concerns, negotiations with Summit changed.

Regulators in North and South Dakota have denied construction permit applications from Summit in recent weeks, but the company announced Friday that the North Dakota Public Service Commission has granted their petition to reconsider their permit application in that state.

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