As the month of March continues and May’s baseball season draws closer, the search for a new West Bend-Mallard head coach is still ongoing. If West Bend-Mallard is unable to find a baseball coach, they will look to enter into a player sharing agreement with another school. The process of finding a new coach for the Wolverines began last year when previous head coach Brendan Foughty left to go to Pella.

Athletic director Tyson Wirtz says that although finding a coach would be an optimal situation, the school wants to make sure its students have a baseball season no matter what, even if that means sharing players with another school.

No schools have been named yet as potential sharing partners, as Wirtz has just begun exploring possible agreements. According to Wirtz, widespread shortages have caused openings at other positions as well. Baseball is the currently the top focus with the first game under three months away. Wirtz says the possibility of a sharing is not a hypothetical situation and may become a reality.

Although Wirtz did not name a hard deadline for finding a head coach, he expressed the desire to either find a coach or enter a sharing agreement as soon as possible in order to allow players to practice with new teammates. Wirtz says applying is easy for those who may be interested in the position.

The phone number to contact the school is 515-887-7821.

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