Study to Look at Impact of Universal Basic Income

by Brian Wilson
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A pilot program that will study the effect of providing a monthly basic income on reducing poverty will make its first payments next month to a group of central Iowa residents. The project called UpLift will give 110 people in Polk, Dallas and Warren counties 500 dollars each month for the next two years. Project coordinator Michael Berger says there are no restrictions on how the money can be used as financial emergencies are unpredictable.

Berger says. Des Moines University is leading the study, and their public health chair, Rachelle Reimer says they will be conducting surveys every six months with participants and will also follow a control group of residents who don’t receive the money.

The UpLift participants were randomly selected from six-thousand applicants for the program. Payments begin going out on May 15th. The funding for the program comes from federal pandemic relief money, as well as local private and nonprofit foundations.

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