IA Lottery Looking for Million Dollar Prize Winner

by Brian Wilson
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The Iowa Lottery is asking everyone to double check old tickets as a Mega Millions ticket with a one-million-dollar prize sold in Ames is still unclaimed. Lottery spokesperson, Mary Neubauer says there are now just three months left before the ticket expires.

The ticket was sold at the Filling Station/Gateway Express.

Neubauer says the date of the drawing was near a holiday and a football weekend.

She says it’s possible a football fan from Missouri bought the ticket and forgot about it.

Neubauer says there are a lot of different ideas about where the ticket may be.

They ticket could have gone through the wash in somebody’s pocket, or maybe got thrown away. Neubauer says anyone who may’ve been in Ames around that time should check any old tickets. If the ticket is not brought in before it expires — the one million dollars would go back into the prize pool.

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