Kossuth Landowner Testifies Before IUB in 6th Week of Summit Hearing

by Brian Wilson
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–Another Kossuth County landowner testified in front of the Iowa Utilities Board Wednesday, as the public hearing on Summit Carbon Solutions CO2 pipeline continues in Fort Dodge. Nancy Erickson owns land south of Algona that is along the pipeline route, and she described the experience as Summit surveyed her land.

Attorney Brian Jorde asked Erickson why the company would need to send so many people.

Erickson testified that she was originally told that the pipeline would run close to their property, not through it.

Erickson expressed concerns about how close the pipeline would be to neighboring buildings, saying emergency personnel would not be able to respond to the area in time to save lives in case of a rupture.

Erickson also testified that she would be unable to purchase liability insurance for the property if the pipeline is built and would not be able to get full market value for the land if she were to sell the property.

You can view Erickson’s entire testimony here:

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