Keep Halloween Candy and Decorations Away from Pets

by Brian Wilson
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Many Iowans are already stockpiling Halloween treats, and while they know gobbling down mounds of candy can leave kids with a tummy ache, too much sweet stuff can be dangerous, and even deadly, for pets. Jessie Phillips, director of development at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, says chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats, and while rarely fatal, it can result in significant illness.

That hotline is 800-213-6680. Some Iowans already have a big bowl of treats on the counter, ready to go for trick-or-treat night, while kids may leave their sacks of candy laying around after they’ve had their fill. Both types of candy stashes should be hidden away from pets.

Many Iowans have carved grinning pumpkins for their porches, which — to a dog — may look and smell like a tasty treat to eat.

Also, Halloween decorations can be hazardous for pets, as curious kittens might stick their paws into a jack-o-lantern’s flame, and rambunctious puppies may chew on the “bones” that make up skeletons. 

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