Water Levels a Concern in the Iowa Great Lakes

by Brian Wilson
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The emergency management coordinator for Dickinson County says they are keeping a close eye on high water levels on the Great Lakes. Michael Ehret says they may have to put a speed restriction on Big Spirit Lake, East Okoboji Lake and West Okoboji Lake.

He says they can restrict boat speeds to five-miles-an-hour.

Ehret says the wake in high water can also damage property, docks, and boat hoists. The DNR restricts boaters from causing a wake 300 feet from the shore, but Ehret suggests they stay even farther away until lake levels start falling. He is thankful the current forecast calls for dry conditions for the next week to allow levels to stabilize. The haven’t had to put these type of boating restrictions into place in the Iowa Great Lakes Area due to flooding since 2018.

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