Some Areas of Iowa Still Dry Despite Spring Rains

by Brian Wilson
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There’s still no drought in Iowa, but the number of counties where the soil is considered abnormally dry has almost doubled in the past week, bouncing from around 16 counties to nearly 31, according to the latest U-S Drought Monitor map. Angie Rieck Hinz, a field agronomist with the Iowa State University Extension, says crop conditions in her region of north-central Iowa are improving.

It requires a delicate balance of both rain and sunshine to grow crops, and this season’s been heavy on the rain so far, as a change of pace from nearly four years of drought. Rieck Hinz says the gusty winds are also an issue.

Iowa’s backyard gardeners know how tough it is to keep out the weeds, so imagine what it’s like for farmers with a few hundred acres of crops. She says weeds are sprouting in many fields right and left.

Forecasters say temperatures will rise back into the 80s and 90s today (Friday) and for the next several days across much of Iowa, with the chance for scattered showers through Saturday.

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