Iowa Lakes to Offer Credit Score Session for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

by Brian Wilson
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–Area business owners and entrepreneurs can learn more about the importance of their credit score during a course offered by the Tietz Entrepreneurial Center at Iowa Lakes Community College. Shelly Brown is the Coordinator for the Tietz Entrepreneurial Center in Algona, and she tells KLGA News the course will show how knowing their credit score can help a current business expand and a new one to get up and running.

Brown says it’s not just enough for business owners to know their credit score, but also what it means to money lenders.

This complimentary informational session will be led by Tasha Wycoff, a Vice President and Loan Officer at Farmers State Bank. Brown says the course will mean something different to a current business owner as opposed to someone looking to get one started.

The course will be held from 6-7 PM on June 28th, in room #35 of the Algona ILCC Campus. The course is free, and anyone interested can register by going to or by calling 1-800-252-5664.

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