Renovations Planned at Iowa Great Lakes Campground

by Brian Wilson
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Officials have begun planning for upgrades at a popular, state-owned campground in northwest Iowa. Jake Schaben of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says it’s been decades since there have been major renovations at Gull Point State Park in the Iowa Great Lakes region.

There are 112 campsites at the park, which is near Milford. About half have electrical hook-ups. Schaben says the upgrades at Gull Point State Park may be similar to what was done at state owned campsites that are about 10 miles away.

Gull Point State Park is the second most popular park in the state-owned park system. In 2021, one-point-six MILLION people visited the park. The D-N-R will host an open house at the lodge in Gull Point State Park on August 22nd to discuss the proposed campground upgrades with the public.

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