New Administration Team in Place at Bishop Garrigan

by Brian Wilson
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–With classes getting underway across the state this week, the new administration team at Bishop Garrigan will try to hit the ground running. Christy Peterson officially took over as President at Bishop Garrigan on July 1st, replacing Lynn Miller. Peterson tells KLGA News part of the summer was spent trying to fill the other leadership roles at Garrigan.

Peterson had previously served as the principal for grades 3-12 at Garrigan, the position that Hough will now occupy. With Hough stepping away from the Seton campus, Peterson says they had to fill that position as well, and they did by hiring John Kesselring.

Peterson says that they are excited to have kids back in the building and get going with the new school year.

State law mandates that schools can not start classes before August 23rd.

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