DOT Director Questions Iowa’s Low Rating in Bridge Study

by Brian Wilson
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The director of the Iowa D-O-T says the report by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association ranking Iowa number one in poor bridges doesn’t tell the whole story. Director Scott Marler says there are 4,558 structurally deficient bridges or poor bridges in the state — but that doesn’t mean they are unsafe.

Marler says Iowa ranks at the top in part because of the number of bridges here.

He says a majority of the poor bridges are on the rural road system.

Marler says  counties are faced with significant and difficult decisions about which bridges to replace.  He says only 26 bridges on the primary road system that the D-O-T oversees are in poor condition. Marler says they’ve  reduced the number of poor bridges from 256 in 2006. Exactly 21 of the 26 poor bridges on the primary system are  slated for repair in the next five year road improvement program.

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