Around 100 Dogs Rescued from Central Iowa Puppy Mill

by Brian Wilson
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An already-crowded Animal Rescue League of Iowa is even shorter on space now after teams were dispatched to Boone County where nearly a hundred dogs had to be removed from what’s described as a puppy mill. The ARL’s KC Routos says conditions at the property in Ogden were exceptionally poor and the smell was overpowering even before the buildings were entered.

The ARL has been fighting capacity all summer long as there have been dogs coming in practically daily, so handling this large of a case is putting the Des Moines facility in a bind.

There’s no word on any charges being filed in the case. She says this puppy mill was focused mostly on one breed.

Iowans who might be interested in adopting dogs from this rescue should check the ARL’s website at which is refreshed every 15 minutes as more animals become available.

The ARL also has more than 70 other dogs available for immediate adoption.

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