Milford Officials Studying Home Prices

by Brian Wilson
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Officials in a city that’s been called the southern gateway to the Iowa Great Lakes have hired an architectural firm to study the housing market in Milford. Charlie Cowell, a lead consultant on the project, says Milford is like other lake communities in the Midwest that draw tons of visitors in the summer months and that drives up housing prices for year round residents.

Cowell says the first phase of the project is analyzing U-S Census data and all the home sales in the Milford area.

According to , $470,000 is the median listing price for homes that are for sale right now in Milford and that’s 24.5% higher than a year ago. Cowell says the housing market report commissioned by the City of Milford should be completed by the end of the year.

Cowell works for R-D-S Planning and Design, a Des Moines based architectural firm. In late July, Milford’s City Council approved spending 18-thousand dollars on the housing research project. 

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