Jury Deliberating in Murder Trial of Kyle Lou Ricke

by Brian Wilson
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–Deliberations are underway in the First-Degree Murder trial of Kyle Lou Ricke, the man accused of killing Algona Police Officer Kevin Cram in September of 2023.The jury was given the case following closing arguments at the Dickinson County Courthouse in Spirit Lake this morning. Assistant Attorney General Scott Brown presented the state’s summation, and he told the jury they have proven each aspect of the case for a conviction. 

Barbara Westphal delivered the defense’s closing statement, and she told the jury the prosecution has not proven all elements of the crime to warrant a conviction on the charge of 1st Degree Murder 

Westphal says the video from Officer Cram’s car and Body Camera show the defendant was not acting in a rational manner when he fired his gun that night. 

Westphal went on to say the defendant also tried to end his life after shooting Officer Cram 

Brown responded to the defense’s claims about Ricke’s state of mind at the time of the shooting. 

Brown says that Officer Cram could have placed the defendant in handcuffs immediately after he arrived, but he provided him a common courtesy, and paid for it with his life. 

The jury received further instruction from Judge Nancy Whittenburg following the closing statements, and began deliberations just after 10:30 AM. 

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