Medical Examiner Testifies in Algona Murder Trial

by Brian Wilson
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–The prosecution called their final witness just before the noon hour today in the First-Degree Murder Trial of Kyle Lou Ricke, the man accused of killing Algona Police Officer Kevin Cram last September. The state ended their case by calling Dr. Jacob Smith from the State Medical Examiner’s Office. Dr. Smith performed the autopsy on Officer Cram, and under questioning from Asst. Attorney General Scott Brown, told the jury his findings.

Smith testified that Officer Cram had suffered three gunshot wounds to the head on the night of September 13th, 2023.

Smith testified that particular gunshot entered and exited Officer Cram’s head, as did another one that hit him a bit lower.

A third gunshot wound to the head entered behind Officer Cram’s left ear and lodged near his right eye. Dr. Smith testified the shot through brainstem is not survivable.

Smith was asked about the severity of the other two shots to the head.

The prosecution rested their case following Dr. Smith’s testimony. The defense rested their case without calling any witnesses, as Ricke did not testify on his own behalf. The jury will receive their instructions and hear opening arguments beginning at 9AM Thursday.

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